Upcoming Online Training with Jaya:

This training will help us to understand the nature of trauma and how it is embedded in the body’s memory and nervous system reactions, how it affects our behaviours, emotions, overall health, relationships and lives, and begin to transform them. It will help us to identify trauma related symptoms, ways to heal them somatically, while finding ways to reconnect with our resilience and vitality and bring it into the foreground. It will also help practitioners of various modalities to trauma~inform their practice, which is essential for any practitioner, as Trauma Expert Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk says, “One third of all disease has it’s origins in trauma.”

The training primarily draws on the work of Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing founder & Trauma Expert), Dr. Gabor Mate (MD & Trauma Expert), Dr. Stephen Porges (Psychologist & Neuroscientist), and Betsy Polatin (MFA, Somatic, Breath & Movement Specialist). It will also include an in-depth workbook that you can download to be used throughout the course. Recordings of each class will be made available to all participants the day following the class.

Both health practitioners and lay people are invited to join in exploring and transforming ill~adapted trauma related patterns via the following topics:

  • What is trauma, it’s symptoms and causes and how it affects the function of the Central Nervous System (CNS), the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which includes Sympathetic & Parasympathetic (Fight, Flight, Freeze & Rest & Digest), the Somatic Nervous System, the Vagus Nerve
  • Working with memory and track thwarted fight, flight and freeze (FFF) responses through related body sensations, etc. to help to discharge them and heal the stress physiology through somatic practices, while exploring the principles of Somatic Experiencing
  • Engaging in somatic exercises that can ground and bring the Nervous System back to safety, enhance capacity for self-regulation and bring us into greater connection with our bodies to move out of survival mode into greater healing and creativity
  • Connecting with the breath to move stuck trauma using various breathing exercises (contained practices)
  • Working with emotions, like fear, rage and shame, interoception (enhancing gut connection), and lrning the benefits firsthand of practicing healthy aggression and boundary-setting
  • Exploring the relationship between authenticity and attachment, the ACE Score, pain and addiction, and the personality traits of those with chronic pain
  • Identifying intergenerational trauma and cultivating ancestral resources to overcome trauma
  • Trauma healing as a portal to deepen spirituality by waking up through the body, and enhancing somatic awareness; practicing meditations that include the body; also identifying spiritually disorganizing practices and spiritual bypassing (dissociation) to help to avoid them/harm
  • Jaya will offer somatic healing session demos to individuals who volunteer within the group to further illuminate the information shared

6 Tuesdays starting May 7 ~ June 11, 2024 ~ Online from 7~9pm EST

Cost: $600 CAD ~ Send by Interac e~transfer, Wise or PayPal ($618 including fees via PayPal)

“Jaya, what a powerful energy you hold. I am so grateful for what you did for me, I felt such a release. My back pain that has been with me for decades is gone. Thank you for showing me the link between mind and body. The Somatic training on the retreat taught me so much about mind body awareness. The examples and practical training was perfect. The way you treated and released the trauma I experienced at birth has shifted me to another level. Your ability to hold space and intuit what needs to be addressed is very strong. You are confident, well informed, yet also calm and humble. Thank you so much!”

~ Jan, Engineer, South Africa

“I am so blessed to have experienced the Somatic Healing Retreat led by Jaya in Bacalar, Mexico. Jaya leads in a vulnerable, open yet boundaried way where she actively models for us how to embody our experience fully. This safe and transparent container allowed for a depth of experience and healing which was truly life changing for me. This retreat felt like an answered prayer and I’m so grateful for it all!”

~ Lucinda Rose, Psychotherapist, Peterborough, ON

“Jaya, thank you so much for this beautiful experience. As I look back on the experience I am struck with so much healing and knowledge, I sit on the plane now with my back feeling strong and this existential pain I carried dissipating. Thank you for believing that I can heal. That belief alone really brings me to tears.

The connection I felt last week re-installed a sense of magic in the world that was lost on me – this child like wonder of not knowing what one can expect behind every corner.

I felt deeply moved by the Somatic works. I felt them rattle the insides of my “knowing” and already see them play into real life. I spent so much of my life with a deep knowing that so much of the physical pain I was suffering was tied to trauma and to some “unlucky” coincidence, and this past week gave me faith to envision a life where I can move beyond it. I feel so lucky to have met you – to have received so many amazing downloads. I have so much respect and gratitude for all the energy, authenticity and love you poured into this container. This beautiful space between the contraction and expansion, the sacred door into the beyond.

Yesterday, I got to fly pain free for the first time in years – it was pretty astonishing! I couldn’t believe it. Can you imagine? I guess what we all learned together that the answer is, ‘Yes we can!'”

~ Graham Fortgang, Photographer & Entrepreneur, New York

“I recently finished Jaya’s Grace & Somatics Training with more questions than answers. It was mind-expanding. Some of what she shared was that healing from traumatic experiences is partly an act of Grace and my experience following her dynamic course, is exactly this.

What I most appreciate about Jaya’s presence, is that she brings her whole loving, spiritual self into the room. She presents the material clearly, and with a sense of how much is enough for each presentation.

The material covered dispels illusions, as well as gives facts about trauma. Jaya knows her material well and has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into offering this well-rounded Training. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from the affects of trauma and/or for those who work with people suffering from it.

~ Swami, BC, Canada


Online Monthly Healing Gatherings ~ 2024

Audio excerpt from the Healing Gathering on Dec. 12, 2023 ~ New Moon & Winter Solstice!

Join Jaya and beautiful community for Healing Gatherings taking place online on the evening of the New Moon each month at 8:30pm EST (approx one hour). These Gatherings are fertile ground for new beginnings and take place by offering our healing and health intentions (briefly at the outset if desired), and then for letting body and mind go into a space of deep somatic healing and meditation, guided by Jaya.

This time together helps us to reflect on where we are now, and where we are going for the next 4 weeks. The Gatherings invite us into whatever healing needs to take place in order for us to embody our intentions more deeply. We end with a few minutes of silent meditation, and then a brief sharing if people choose, or people are welcome to leave in silence to rest in their own inner experience.

These 13 Gatherings will take place on the following dates in 2024:

January 11

February 9

March 10

April 8

May 7

June 6

July 5

August 4

September 2

October 2

November 1

December 1

December 30

After you register, Jaya will send you the Zoom link prior to the group healing. If you miss a Gathering, Jaya will email you the recording within 24 hours following.

Cost is $244 for the year and can be sent by email via Interac e-transfer to jaya (@) www.energythrive.com or by PayPal below ($8 Paypal fee incl). Monthly payment is also possible for $25 per gathering and can be sent via Interac e~transfer or the second PayPal button below:




“Thank you very much for the special Healing Gathering yesterday. I wished to share my experience at the end and did not have the capacity to do so.

Near the end of the meditation, a presence ever so gently touched my leg and whispered, ‘I’m always here for you, your connection to Source’. 

It was an extremely powerful moment and I have carried that with me all day today, and hope to continue to remember that our connection to Source is always available.

It has brought me joy and reignited my innate curiosity and wonder for life and it’s beauty. And I can feel the strength of that amplified by the groups’ energy.

Thank you for this beautiful offering Jaya!”

~ Laura, Osteopath, Grimsby 



Online Course with Jaya:

Using Energy Therapy, the Principles of Quantum Physics and Spirituality to reCreate Well~Being

These are the topics and related information that we will be covering:

  • Shifting outdated mental, emotional, physical, energetic patterns, both internally, as well as in relation to attunement with the quantum field.
  • Sensing into and transforming our energetic field using energy therapy principles, practices from BodyTalk Energy Therapy, as well as Jaya’s personal energy therapy tools.
  • Grounding, integrating and calming our Nervous Systems using Somatic Experiencing Trauma Integration Therapy, as well as other Somatic Exercises of Jaya’s.
  • Intro into how the quantum field drives creation and how we can use it to transform our health and ways of being in life.
  • How time, space and memory inform our health and what the greatest Sages have understood about these. Also visiting separation and emptiness in relation to the Sages and Quantum Physics.
  • Exploring the underlying truth that exists beyond the healing of the physical body, which is whole, pure, free, at ease, and in peace now.
  • Guided meditations will be offered each week by Jaya that embrace ancient teachings and practices to help to rewire our brains and hearts so that we may all experience and live our highest potential. 
  • Jaya will offer a mini-healing session each week to either an individual and/or the group that will encourage the wellness of all.
  • Question & Answers will take place as needed. So will enJoyment!


Dates: Starting in the fall ~ Dates TBD!

Jaya will send the Zoom link to all registered participants, as well as email any additional information prior to the course start date. She will also record and email the classes to all participants following their live recording. Please feel free to email Jaya to confirm your attendance once payment has been made via Interac e-transfer to Jaya (@) www.energythrive.com or by clicking below via PayPal (there is an additional $14 fee to pay via PayPal):

Workshop testimonials:

Jaya has offered this workshop various times. It was a success and received a lot of appreciation for its useful, interesting and engaging content. Please feel free to read some of the participants’ reviews below:

I was a fan of Jaya’s work prior to registering for her online Energy Therapy course. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was open and excited for the opportunity. The course ended up being amazing and helped me understand the potential I had within myself, gave me understanding of the science, and easy tools to integrate into my everyday life. After just the first week, I began to feel a sense of deep calm and ease.

~ Emily, Ottawa

“I enjoyed Jaya’s online Energy Therapy, Quantum Physics and Spirituality course, which helped me to have self-help tools to use on a regular basis. I am so thankful for these teachings and Jaya’s sessions that brought me more grounding and able to deal with my emotions in a compassionate way. They help me to go deeper into myself as well. I am so grateful to discover this knowledge shared during the course, and would recommend it to anyone interested in freeing themself from suffering and thriving in their life by doing self-work in a compassionate way. This journey with you Jaya has helped me so much. So much gratitude.”

~ Guylaine, Teacher, Rockland, Ontario

“Not only did Jaya offer a wide and very interesting modalities of healing, she also began to teach us how she does what she does so miraculously. And encouraged each of us to find our own way into our own knowing and healing. I was delighted to find out  for myself what I already knew but hadn’t yet accessed. I would highly recommend this to those who are interested in learning about energy therapy and using it to assist in their own healing.”

~ Lorraine, Yoga Teacher, Ottawa

“Jaya – thank you so much for the workshop today! Learning some of the theory and research behind the practice(s) was both interesting and really helpful to reconcile this new approach with my rational brain. I found that it also enriched my experience while doing the exercises too! It is clear to me that I still have learning and practice to do, but I definitely feel like I am on the right path.”

~ Fiona, Government worker, Ottawa

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop yesterday Jaya. It was a very inspiring day for me … so great to be around you and see how strongly you stand in your power and use your gifts. I find it very exciting!”

~ Chantal, Nurse, Gatineau


Energy and Trauma Integration Therapy Workshop

Come join Jaya for this transformational afternoon workshop and learn how to:

  • Use the principles and practices of BodyTalk energy therapy and Somatic Experiencing trauma integration therapy, to help you to understand how energy influences your health and how to give yourself a mini healing session.
  • Identify and shift the energetic roots of existing mental, emotional patterns to change their effect on your overall health.
  • Track and integrate bodily sensations that relate to bound survival energy from past thwarted fight, flight or freeze responses.
  • Use practical tools to calm, ground and rewire your nervous system and guide it to self-regulate more effectively.

Refund Policies

The refund policies for all retreats, events, trainings and online courses are outlined below:

  • Cancellation up to 90 days before the event – full refund.
  • Cancellation up to 60 days prior to event start date – 50% of your payment is refunded.
  • Cancellation up to 60-30 days prior to event start date – 25% of your payment is refunded.
  • Cancellation 30 days prior or less before event start date – no refund.

This refund policy is non-negotiable due to bookings and deposits that we have committed to our wonderful hosts, food services and all of the amenities that support our events. Thank you for your understanding!