Jaya meets each person with curiosity about what has led them to where they are on their healing and vitality journey, and how she can support them to move forward in the direction that they would like to go. She focuses on progression not regression, though parts of the client’s past will most likely be visited in different ways throughout their healing. She does not encourage or work with big cathartic releases but rather touches into the edges of challenging sensations and emotions to be able to titrate them, allowing them to discharge, while also strengthening and building new resources from within.

A session starts with the client sharing where they feel blocked and what they would like help with in order to experience freedom from pain or suffering on any level that is affecting their overall health. Jaya will often then connect with the client’s energy, and mental/emotional fields, as well as physical bodies to get a sense of  the patterns that are feeding this pain/blocks and then sense into how that person’s body can best work somatically to integrate these ill~adapted patterns.

There is a weaving of the client’s stories, memories, emotions, images, impulses and felt sense that happens, as Jaya guides them into their body to uncover unexpressed responses related to past traumas that are often keeping their nervous systems stuck on “on” or “off.” As clients have these experiences, as well as their bodies’ experience of them, the client becomes better equipped to discharge bound survival energy, thwarted instincts and responses so that their bodies, minds and Spirits can become free of the affects of past traumas, and become more rooted in the present moment.

Jaya also uses these principles and philosophies that support the body’s innate intelligence and capacity to heal itself, as part of all of her somatic energy therapy trainings, courses and retreats. She allows herself to be guided by the unknown possibilities present within each person, that are just waiting to rise to the surface, be brought into awareness and integrated.

Jaya is passionate about supporting clients to feel empowered and enhancing their connection to their bodies throughout their healing process. She also loves assisting them on their journeys to living more full, pain free, and vibrant lives.